Discover our  outdoor products. We offer a wide variety of decorations for your garden: lamps, awnings, sculptures, pots and vases, animal, benches, gardens, lounges, gates.

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  • Decorations

    Harmonie du Logis have all kinds of decorations.

  • Garden

    Harmonie du logis offers a variety of gardens.

  • Portals and pillars

    Wrought iron gates and personable for outstanding entry.
    Portal pillars, Ashlar, granite, brick, wrought iron. Different choices and styles are available in harmonie du logis.
    We also respond to your custom portals and custom applications.
    All our portals can be treated with galvanization and epoxy paint.
    Contact us for a quote.

  • Caravan
    Harmonie du logis proposes the creation of your custom caravan.
    Come see our display model.